The HeliPoint is a low cost inventory management solution combining simple hardware and a powerful web based software hosted on our Cloud service. The HeliPoint is ideal for managing a wide variety of items from PPE, Stationary, and general consumables.

The HeliPoint is an ideal high capacity, cost effective introduction to inventory management. It combines an easy to use product with a powerful web based software platform to provide a versatile and advanced solution for point of use inventory management. Each HeliPoint provides up to 68 locations per frame with 1488 slots.

Product Specifications
  • Substantial reduction in consumption
  • Up to 68 locations, 1488 items
  • Control PPE
  • Fast, simple restocking
  • Electronic re-ordering
  • Audit trail on Who, What, When, Why and Where
  • Reduction in “Walk and Wait” time

All products offer:

  • SupplyPoint software
  • 24/7 availability
  • Reduced product consumption
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Optimised Inventory
  • Convenience and simplicity

Basic Spec info